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#7 - There Was Power In a Union - Fifty Poem Challenge
#7 - There Was Power In a Union
Inspired by David Peace's novel GB84, Billy Bragg and Shane MacGowan.

Where were you back in '84?
Numberless boots in stride
Or on cropped and blinkered horses
with truncheons 'gainst the strike.

My men and I we were sent up
To towns far from our homes
To escort scabs gone in the pits
From bottles bricks and stones

Did Scargill send you out before
The men in riot gear
Teargas and their rubber bullets
Ale to keep down the fear

My brethren and I we stood strong
Let no one down the mine
Arm in arm til the force they tore
Victory of ash and bone

No, you sat before your TV
Watched collier and police blood flow.
Did you take those edits for truth,
Actions just for your show?

Was Maggie so thoroughly malign
And Arthur so ruthless
To tear they eyes out of our unions
Leaving us gutless and blind?

We persist, some even say thrive
On little more than we should
With less air than we were used to
or oxygen to the blood.

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