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#1 - When it's oiled and cleaned - Fifty Poem Challenge
#1 - When it's oiled and cleaned

In 2010, I stalled out on poetry back in May. I'm going to try to balance the fiction and poetry this year. (Note, I also got married twice and will wed for a third time in April. Visit www.racheljoewedding.com for details.)

When It's Oiled and Cleaned

My poem pen rusted last year.
Fictions called (and other.diversions).

The nib clogged with unflowed ink,
But I had no shortage of words to utter,
No shortage of vows to fulfill,
Stories improvised,
Assertions, joys and atonements.

I start again silent,
Listening to the snowmelt, the pine needles.
The still bells dictate.

My pen rinsed, oiled, and dried;
Its reservoir refilled and ready
To transcribe what spills, scratching
What had spoiled
In the dammed stream of fog's revision.

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