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#9 - The Tide - Fifty Poem Challenge
#9 - The Tide
You drove me down to a northern
Seaside - we climbed over tide pools
Eating rock and the low November
Sky complimented my retold youth -
The anemones of Laguna Beach
And the muddying water at our feet
Distracted from the incoming tide.

Composed, you told me my boots
Would have to come off.
My cityboy ignorance revealed itself,
"How long until the tide goes out again?"
As the sun drooped into the horizon.
You, pragmatic country girl guide,
"Too long to wait here."

And as the rocks submerge
Off came our boots.
Your laughter knew the confidence
Of a problem solved,
Mine edged in the mania
Of encroaching nature
Left safely behind.

So in our manic confidence,
We revealed ourselves,
Muddying the still waters
Each had presented to the other.
We spend such time alone
Polishing our mirrors
That none could see what we'd hidden beneath.

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