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#5 - Passed - Fifty Poem Challenge
#5 - Passed
 My poems are a rather drear lot this year. I'll try to write about something happy once spring kicks in with some earnest. The dawn choruses always inspire me.

The departed, he ate so little
At the end,
But could be convinced
With some favourite food -
Peanut butter (only a little,
So hard to digest)
And cucumber, or a bit
Of chocolate -
The nurses liked that,
Made him thirsty -
Wouldn't drink water

They were all so vivid,
Our parents, back when
We friends first met.
But twenty some years on
(So hard to compute)
They're up in years.
And we deal now, unnursed,
With those old person issues.

Another father passed
Last week and I still
Feel too young, too fond
Of these favourite things,
Too convinced of a
Thinning, dry, youth.

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